What Is The Lynqyo (LNQ)

What Is The Lynqyo (LNQ)
What Is The Lynqyo (LNQ)

Lynqyo (LNQ)

Lynqyo (LNQ) is a decentralized protocol that allows discovery, assessment, licensing and exchange of non-bodily content material. This platform affords a framework so that each object of non-physical may be tokenized, and possible to very own a fraction of this asset. In addition, its utility-precise ecosystem enables the implementation of numerous protocols for creators designed specially for intangible and liquidity.
As a governance token, this platform affords holders with balloting rights for the election of validators and council members and the adjustment of key parameters via referendums. In addition, it provides customers with a fixed of web3 protocols, gear, and programs to empower creators to personal, scale, and monetize content material and communities.
With its content economic system protocol, this platform gives an utility-unique surroundings that implements several protocols for creators. Furthermore, with its particular device, Lynqyo (LNQ) ensures continuity and infinity inside the crypto payments subscription area with a structural fee option called thrust subscription.



Website: http://lynqyo.com/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/LynqYO

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