Build-A-Crypto: Buy and Launch New Tokens on Huobi Prime, PolkaStarter, and BoostX

Build-A-Crypto: Buy and Launch New Tokens on Huobi Prime, PolkaStarter, and BoostX

With the introduction of launchpads, the crypto world has added another layer of convenience to investments in digital assets. The crypto launchpads are a new way to navigate the crypto space and are proving to be an ideal research tool for people who are looking to maximise their portfolio potential. BoostX news…

Launchpads are providing crypto maestros with essential knowledge. Moreover, they are beneficial for crypto beginners as the launchpad can provide the perfect opportunity to educate oneself on what’s fresh within the crypto space.

Build-A-Crypto: Buy and Launch New Tokens on Huobi Prime, PolkaStarter, and BoostX

What is a Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that assists businesses in raising finance and providing visibility for their ventures. Mentorship, marketing, and technical support are all available through successful crypto launchpad projects. Think of launchpads as a one-stop solution for all your crypto queries. An information point within the theme park of crypto. 

Some crypto platforms also allow individuals to create their crypto tokens by tapping into the potential of blockchain technology. It is much easier to navigate cryptocurrencies through the launchpads instead of unravelling and fathoming a network of complex statistics. Here is a list of launchpads that could be a great segue into the crypto ecosystem.

Huobi Prime

Huobi is a leading worldwide cryptocurrency exchange with Huobi Prime, a premier crypto launchpad. Huobi Prime, a crypto trading platform that allows users to purchase and sell chosen digital assets at discounted pricing, was introduced in March 2019 by Huobi Global. 

Huobi Prime is the latest move in the company’s efforts to grow its presence in the cryptocurrency market and provide more services to its customers. TOP Network, BitTorrent Token, and Harmony are just a few of the successful ICOs that Huobi Prime has assisted with.

One of Huobi Prime members’ perks is the ability to jump the queue to purchase fresh token allocations before they’re even listed on the exchange. 

Build-A-Crypto: Buy and Launch New Tokens on Huobi Prime, PolkaStarter, and BoostX


PolkaStarter is a platform that enables crypto projects to raise funds by facilitating pools into which investors can contribute. PolkaStarter is a protocol, therefore it has no control over the listing or vetting process; instead, the communities that establish the pools have said control. The token’s price can be either set or dynamic, and most offerings are open to anybody.

PolkaStarter has its own native token. To purchase specific projects labelled as exclusive to POLS-holders, you must hold 3000 POLS in the first place.

PolkaStarter is already operational on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. The project has a lucid roadmap that promises additional features. These are scheduled for release as soon as the protocol is published on Polkadot, the main network for which it was created.


BoostX is a platform that builds a robust customer base and offers an array of exclusive opportunities for early-stage presales. The main agenda of this platform is to support innovative projects that are being built on the blockchain. The launchpad is designed with futuristic dashboard technology. Eclectic marketing techniques are employed that function in launching successful innovative crypto tokens. 

The webpage of BoostX is easily accessible, lucid, and presentable from a UI perspective. Some of the most viable and exciting options available on BoostX are Calyx Token, Securipop Token, Caprice Finance, Seesaw Protocol, etc. 

These launchpads can be skillfully used to maximise one’s profits within the fintech asset world. It’s imperative that investment decisions are made with sufficient research and cryptocurrencies should be chosen that align with your particular financial goals, short-term and long-term alike.

Build-A-Crypto: Buy and Launch New Tokens on Huobi Prime, PolkaStarter, and BoostX

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