The Web3 App Store Has Been Revealed for DAPP Access by Alchemy

The Web3 App Store Has Been Revealed for DAPP Access by Alchemy

The Web3 App Store Has Been Revealed for DAPP Access by Alchemy. Alchemy aims to build trust between developers and curious blockchain users as they explore the space using the tool.

Web3 development platform Alchemy is launching an app store (dapp), the company announced on Tuesday. The market seeks to facilitate access to decentralized applications for users and developers.
Recently, the relationship between the central company and Web3 technology has not been successful. Last week, Coinbase suspended mobile NFT transfers due to Apple’s App Store requiring a 30% gas fee associated with transfers.

Jason Shah, Head of Growth at Alchemy, told CoinDesk that while his store is in development, it is not a monetized product and aims to provide access to eager Web3 users and willing developers. putting their technology to use. “We all want to provide communities with free resources that we believe they can use to grow,” Shah said. “Also, we built a way into the process for the community to actually do it.”

Often, Web3 products are fragmented, which means that dapps are scattered across different websites and systems, which can reduce user trust when using blockchain technology. “We really want to step in and help deliver an open, community-driven product where we provide some clarity and confidence for consumers,” Shah said. “If we believe in the future of Web3, we need to make it easier for [users] to spread the word and educate consumers about the benefits they offer.”

As Alchemy said in its Q3 report, Web3 developers continue to build applications and Alchemy continues to develop technology. Last month, it released Smartmint, a product that helps developers keep malicious actors out of NFT mints. In September, the company raised $12 million in new venture capital funding.

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