The Economist Prophecies: This Altcoin Is On The Cover!

The Economist Prophecies: This Altcoin Is On The Cover!

The Economist magazine is a kind of “handbook” for those interested in economics, finance and investment. Readers are especially looking forward to next year’s annual forecast. Since 2017, the journal has been publishing an issue of this breed with forward-looking “prophecies”. Each year the cover of the magazine is drawn with a new concept that serves as a kind of general assumption about what will happen. This also applies to next year. There is speculation that the latest cover of the magazine points to the leading altcoin project Ethereum. Here are the details…

Leading altcoin on the cover of The Economist?

The Economist caused speculation in the world of Bitcoin and altcoins in its latest cover. On the cover we share below, there is a pine tree and various symbols in a frame adorned with inscriptions. The symbol in the middle of the pine tree resembles Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. But it is worth noting that the symbol only resembles ETH. Still, this similarity got the cryptocurrency community a little bit excited.


The Economist and crypto-related covers

The Economist has released several covers over the past years featuring multiple cryptocurrencies. A cover on October 10th attracted attention. Twitter user @HKBelvedere recently shared a cover of the British weekly newspaper, calling it “another frightening cover”. The cover depicts a cartoon-style control panel with a lever front and center as the caliber indicators are read as red or near-red. Under the arm is the text “Regime change”.

The addition of multiple “surprise eggs”, including a salute to Bitcoin, caused Twitter to speculate about the closed messages being depicted. Looking at the Economist’s archives, this cover doesn’t look very special. However, given the current macro outlook, including rising tensions in Eastern Europe, the strength of the dollar and a flat cryptocurrency market, many speculated on the cover.

@HKBelvedere commented that the red dial showing a pound symbol flanked by yen, dollar, bitcoin and euro signs on both sides is “interesting”. But no further comments were made about it. The most obvious point of interest is the one-to-one depiction of Bitcoin with the four major fiat currencies. The Economist was founded in 1843 and is considered a highly influential publication. Over the years, some of their covers have hypothesized future events in real form, leading others to believe it was an “insider” affair.

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