Solana and Cardano rise by 6% and 4% respectively, could Caprice Finance deliver 10X gains on listing?

Solana and Cardano rise by 6% and 4% respectively, could Caprice Finance deliver 10X gains on listing?

Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) have recently seen price spikes of 6% and 4% respectively and seem poised for further bull rallies as the coins are being purchased by investors looking for quick short term gains. Could Caprice Finance (CFT) also provide immediate gains on listing? Let’s find out by evaluating the utility behind these three tokens. 

Robert Kiyosaki discloses investment in Solana

The Solana blockchain is making news around the world with its frequent updates and the author of the highly popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, Robert Kiyosaki has also endorsed the SOL token by disclosing his investment in the popular coin. Solana is still at a low market cap compared to other blockchains and could rise in price as adoption takes place. 

The SOL token is being traded at $105.95 at the time of writing. If it manages to reach the market cap of other similar networks such as Ethereum (ETH), the price could do a 10X from these levels. However, a long term investment horizon is required to realize such gains. 

Cardano achieves rare milestone with 74% ADA staked 

The Cardano token is hovering around the $1 region and could soon overcome this crucial barrier once bulls manage to start a rally. The ADA coin is currently at the price level of $0.94 and looks poised for another double digit gain as more users decide to stake their coins. 

The Cardano network has integrated support for NFTs and smart contracts recently. The ADA coin is a great investment opportunity for 2022 and beyond. 

Caprice Finance could rise by 10X after Listing

The CFT token is being offered through a presale currently and can be bought here at this link. The CFT coin will be used to pay transaction fees inside the Caprice Finance ecosystem. The CFT empire will host an NFT market place along with a metaverse ecosystem. 

The CFT token will be staked and offer multi-chain functionality. It will be offered on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon networks. The CFT token is currently available at an attractive price of $0.004. A 10X would mean handsome returns for early hodlers who decide to purchase huge quantities of this coin. 

The Caprice Finance ecosystem will provide multiple benefits to its holders in the form of airdrops or rewards from the transaction fees. 2% of transaction fees will be rewarded to supporters of CFT token who decide to hold the coin for long term gains. Each transaction will burn some tokens ensuring deflationary pressure on the CFT token which will in turn result in a price spike. Deflationary tokens tend to perform well as the supply decreases over time. 

Solana and Cardano rise by 6% and 4% respectively, could Caprice Finance deliver 10X gains on listing?
Solana and Cardano rise by 6% and 4% respectively, could Caprice Finance deliver 10X gains on listing? 2

The token is a fair launch with a vesting schedule that will be announced in the future for all tokens distributed to the team. 

The Caprice Finance platform will also develop a bridge to transfer assets to other blockchain networks. Interoperability is a long-standing demand of all cryptocurrency developers and users as it can help to save on gas fees whenever there is congestion in any particular network. The Caprice Finance token solves an important issue by incorporating support for multiple blockchain networks right from the beginning. All blockchain tokens have had to update their networks to ensure cross-chain compatibility. 

The three tokens described above could provide a unique portfolio with the necessary balance and growth potential. Ensure that you adequately research the platform and find out if it meets your investment potential and requirements before you pump money into the coin. Cryptocurrencies tend to rise and fall quickly in response to developing new stories and rumors. Stay updated through the links given below and find out more about Caprice Finance. 


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