Ripple Investors Attention: 7 Critical Dates Announced!

Ripple Investors Attention: 7 Critical Dates Announced!


The precious dates in 2023 for Ripple and the SEC case became obvious. In this middle, according to crypto analyst Filip L, Ripple price continues to fall below vital pillars. That’s why the analyst says that XRP will likely close the year down 18%.

Dava’s 2023 calendar and expectations

In the Ripple and SEC case, the parties have completed summary resolutions, including appeals and responses. Proposals for the exclusion of expert testimony were also fully disclosed. However, according to James K. Filan, there are contact sealing disputes with summary resolutions. It is not clear now whether the disputes will be resolved before or during the motions. According to experts, this means that it probably has no direct impact on pending decisions.

Ripple Investors Attention: 7 Critical Dates Announced!

The judge of the case, Torres, ruled on the disputes regarding the sealing of summary resolutions, expert reports and minutes of speech on 19 December. In this phase, Ripple got a small win.

  • Sealing motions will be submitted in January 2023, as summary resolutions are now fully informed.
  • At the beginning of January, a random proposal from non-parties must be submitted by 4 January 2023 to seal a random summary decision tool in accordance with the decision made on 19 December.
  • On January 9, 2023, the parties are expected to file objections to the bag proposals to seal the previously submitted ones.
  • On January 13, the parties will submit the Daubert motions and accompanying appendices to public paperwork, with redactions balanced by the court’s sealing decision.
  • On January 18, 2023, all parties and non-parties are expected to object to non-party signature motions, if any.
  • James K. Filan claims that District Judge Torres will decide on the expert motions and summary resolutions simultaneously and in ‘one major written decision’. He says this will likely happen on or before March 31, 2023.
  • According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, it is difficult to predict exactly when the decision will come. However, he expects the case to settle in the first half of 2023.
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“Ripple sees traders have a hangover”

Ripple is still letting the dust settle at the latest info points on Friday, when the US PCE was announced. The week before that, US inflation numbers fell. But now PCE has pointed to an unchanging moment in inflation. This means that the Fed will want to raise more interest rates to reduce inflation. This means repricing the markets.

Thus, XRP fell below the precious levels of $ 0.3616. Also, he made a new base for December last week. There is currently no real reinforcement in sight. So there is more downside with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) not coming anywhere near oversold. A real bearish move to $0.2875 is possible. This means an 18% decrease. It also means that traders give up the $0.30 spiritual level.

Ripple Investors Attention: 7 Critical Dates Announced!XRP weekly chart

With the last week of the year, no data points or FED speakers lined up to comment on the markets. This opens a window of opportunity for the bulls to amplify the price action. In this case, with weak liquidity conditions, it is possible for Ripple to increase 13% with 55-day Easy Moving Average (SMA) and 200-day SMA.

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