Proprivex Token (PPX), Ethereum (ETH), And Quant (QNT) – Cryptocurrencies changing DeFi For The Better

Proprivex Token (PPX), Ethereum (ETH), And Quant (QNT) – Cryptocurrencies changing DeFi For The Better

Proprivex Token (PPX), Ethereum (ETH), And Quant (QNT)

So many innovative changes have hit blockchain technology. Decentralized Finance is one of them, and networks like Ethereum and Quant are products of this. In addition, blockchain developers have created and innovated blockchain projects that have, at one time or the other, served as solutions to one pressing crypto need. However, Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that has its cryptocurrency. At the same time, Quant is a blockchain network that aims to connect blockchains and networks on a global scale.

Ethereum was first mentioned in 2013 and then was made public in 2014, but it was officially launched on July 30, 2015, according to CoinMarketCap. However, Quant was formally launched in June 2018. 

Although DeFi has changed over time and various blockchain projects have hit the crypto market, Ethereum and Quant have stuck through all these changes as well. Ethereum’s end goal is to become the global platform for decentralized applications. Also, Ethereum was a pioneer of the concept of blockchain among and between smart contracts. 

QNT is the first created blockchain project to solve the problem of interoperability through its blockchain operating system. This operating system is referred to as – the over-ledger technology. Also, Quant, through its use of over-ledger technology, aims to bridge the gap between different blockchains.

Ultimately, as stated above, ETH and QNT have in their ways impacted the crypto space, but yet the Proprivex blockchain project is on another level with its aim of building a practical ecosystem that delivers trustless, simple, interactive intuitive, community-driven, and secure. However, the Ethereum blockchain has been faced with various issues, with slow transaction speed being the main complaint its users have of the Ethereum platform.

Proprivex Token (PPX), Ethereum (ETH), And Quant (QNT) - Cryptocurrencies changing DeFi For The Better

Purchase Proprivex (PPX) Over Ethereum (ETH) And Quant (QNT), For Its Practical Platform 

Ethereum has been the world’s second cryptocurrency, and it has also been famous for pioneering dApps; smart contracts do not come without their problems, which makes them less attractive for purchase. Ethereum’s inability to scale to meet demand does not come without high transaction costs. Also, its slow execution of transactions is a big disservice that it offers its users. 

Quant’s strategies that have proven to work well for the traditional capital markets have not worked well when applied to crypto assets. Also, the use unavailability of trading history due to small datasets poses a big problem for the Quant blockchain.

However, Proprivex has identified these problems and is building an ecosystem that effectively helps its users develop and manage a trading portfolio from a single platform. For example, coins like Ethereum and Quant do not provide their users with adequate management information to be sure of a purchase. Furthermore, with Proprivex in the crypto market, you no longer do research, but Proprivex helps provide adequate analysis.

In addition, with the rising features difference in crypto, it is only fitting for an expert to manage these features. However, for ordinary individuals just looking to get involved with crypto, the digital market may seem very confusing, and it takes years for one to grasp the basics of cryptocurrency fully. But with PPX, this has been made extremely easy with its platform that effectively helps its users manage their trading portfolio. At the same time, they go about their regular day jobs or other activities they engage in.

The Proprivex platform has identified the challenges of blockchain technology:

  • Poor assets management tools.
  • Loose security protocols.
  • Complex and inefficient infrastructure.
  • Users are being left to figure everything out.
  • An inadequate framework.

However, Proprivex has provided the needed solutions that help to cater to these challenges. These solutions include – high-end asset management tools, full-scale security, risk and compliance advisory, efficient framework, and infrastructure.

The Proprivex platform also offers its users a range of bonuses that can stack over time. For example, the Proprivex platform has a fiat and corresponding bonus, where users are rewarded for using fiat currency in purchasing the Proprivex token. A $100 purchase automatically reward users with 1% , $300 for 6%, $500 for 10%, and so on. There are other bonuses as well that have been set in place for users to end. 


PPX is very innovative, and its features, functionalities, and even bonuses are not something to miss.

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