Polygon and Tron could deliver 5x returns in 2022, could Parody Coin register 15x gains?

Polygon and Tron could deliver 5x returns in 2022, could Parody Coin register 15x gains?

Polygon (MATIC) and Tron (TRX) have seen heavy cash inflows from cryptocurrency investors looking to buy tokens and add to their portfolio on every dip. While Polygon remains the most favored network due to its unique features such as side chain and cross-chain compatibility, Tron (TRX) has established its reputation as a smart contract and dApps platform for multimedia universe. 

Parody Coin is currently in its launchpad phase and could be poised to register huge returns of 15x as it provides solutions for the NFT and metaverse sectors. These two sectors are widely believed to be the next phase of crypto revolution. You can buy the PARO token through the presale section available on its site here

Polygon and Tron could deliver 5x returns in 2022, could Parody Coin register 15x gains?

Polygon (MATIC)

The Polygon network has quickly established itself as one of the leading networks, solving issues of cross-chain compatibility and side chains. It also supports a developing NFT marketplace and will also provide support for zero knowledge proofs to ensure foolproof security. Polygon (MATIC) could solve the security issues plaguing the decentralized finance sector currently. 

The MATIC token has seen an exceptional price spike and the coin is currently exchanging wallets at the $1.34 price level. It has delivered returns of up to 42396.6% and the early adopters of the coin have seen great gains. It makes sense to buy tokens at the launchpad phase and people who have bought MATIC during its launch have seen gigantic returns. 

Tron (TRX)

The Tron ecosystem has expanded and along with it, the TRX token has also seen good returns. It is a smart contract enabled blockchain network that supports many dApps and has transitioned into a DAO. 

Polygon and Tron could deliver 5x returns in 2022, could Parody Coin register 15x gains?

The TRX coin is currently being traded at $0.06 and has seen a lot of buys from investors looking to add to their holdings. The TRX token has performed well in the past and has delivered returns of 3201.3% to date. It is a great ecosystem and has more updates planned for 2022. 

Parody Coin (PARO)

Parody Coin is a new token launch and you can learn more about it through the links given below. We will examine the investment potential of the PARO token as it could be a strong addition to your crypto portfolio. 

The Parody Coin ecosystem is primarily built to provide users of NFTs another avenue. It will support parody versions that will be claimable by original owners if they choose to burn their original NFTs. 

The Parody Coin will also include a native ParoSwap where users could exchange and bridge tokens to other blockchains. The PARO token seeks to provide many use cases and a source of income for its supporters. All holders of PARO will benefit from a tax redistribution mechanism that is built into the smart contract. This would yield an income of 5% to all holders to be distributed equally. The PARO coin can also be staked to secure the network and the stakers will earn rewards for their allocation. 

The Parody Coin seeks to provide support for multi-chain networks and will compete with the likes of NFT providers such as MATIC. It is available at a low price during the presale period but could rise exponentially quickly as soon as it is listed. 

MATIC and TRON saw a lot of growth after their launch phase and PARO token could see similar price spikes in the future as NFT space and metaverse are expanding enormously and there is a lot of room for more tokens. The team behind the Parody Coin has been wise enough to ensure cross-chain support and have targeted the NFT and metaverse space. 

If you’d like to gain an insight into the Parody Coin, explore the token via the links provided below. You can also follow the coin’s updates on social media channels. 

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