Pay company Stripe Has Made an Important Move on Crypto Web3!

Pay company Stripe Has Made an Important Move on Crypto Web3!
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Pay company Stripe Has Made an Important Move on Crypto Web3! Stripe, an Irish-American financial services company, recently announced that it is launching a service that will enable fiat-crypto payments for Web3 transactions in many countries.

Dubbed the “fiat-to-crypto on-ramp,” the new offering includes a customizable widget that can be embedded into a decentralized application (dApp), a non-fungible token (NFT), or an exchange (DEX). . ). According to the online payment company, the widget is dedicated to facilitate the fast and seamless purchase of cryptocurrency on Web3 applications and provides ride-hailing services.

The innovation can also manage fraud and know-your-customer (KYC) which can be tedious and time-consuming for many businesses. With that, Stripe, which handles online shopping for other giants like Apple and Walmart, could help push blockchain payments forward in its bid for mainstream adoption.

Stripe continues to monitor crypto-related transactions

Over the past year, the company has worked hard to create partnerships with crypto companies that have enabled payments through digital asset classes in 67 countries. This has given companies the ability to quickly send USDC as a payment to individuals and groups in different parts of the world.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Stripe’s new service, the music platform Audius was among the first companies to test the company’s ramp feature, integrating the service into its system to enable their users to buy their local AUDIO signal from their credit card. Solana-based exchange Orca has started using a Stripe widget to let its users buy crypto assets like USDC and SOL using their real money.

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