Earn With Maker (MKR) And BoostX While Crypto Giants Are Down

Earn With Maker (MKR) And BoostX While Crypto Giants Are Down

The digital finance market has been down and most cryptocurrencies are going red. Before the crash, the total crypto market cap had increased from $770 billion to $2.2 trillion in just a year. Can it recover? BoostX news…

Earn With Maker (MKR) And BoostX While Crypto Giants Are Down

Cheaper Coins? Buy Now

The crypto industry undergoes improvements very often and just recently, trusted sources claim that the number of crypto coins has increased from 10,000 to over 16,000 since the beginning of 2022.

Investing can become a full-time job if your investment options depend on extensive research and constant market analysis. Making the right investment in the crypto market can be easier than always staying on top of market trends and crashes.

Expert investors have publicly addressed the many tactics and strategies that help their investments triple! These include investing in coins that have shown to resist market crashes and do not give in to the volatility of the digital currency, as well as investing in presales for a guaranteed premium price.

What Should You Buy Right Now?

How Maker (MKR) Surged 33% During Crash

Although this crypto market crash has left many fearing for their investments, there seems to be nothing to fear with Maker.

This cryptocurrency has shocked the masses by remaining green when almost every coin has gone red. But what is Maker (MKR)? The MKR is the governance token of MakerDAO as well as Maker Protocol, which allows investors to issue and control the DAI stable coin.

Recently, MKR rose by 33% while the rest of the crypto market went down, but this is something the token has done before. Maker’s MKR has had a successful track record since its launch.

This sudden surge occurred because the price of MKR and DAI tokens was aided by the sharp and abrupt decline of Terra (UST) stablecoin, as the currency dropped to $0.26 earlier on Wednesday (11th May).

Cheapest Crypto Investments With BoostX

This sudden market crash can scare away those who are interested in beginning to invest in cryptocurrency, but now is the perfect time to start.

You should buy crypto during the market crash because you can benefit from cheaper prices. For instance, Ethereum has traded at around $4,000 whereas, at the time of writing, the price for Ethereum is $2,113.59.

One guaranteed way to always acquire crypto tokens for their cheapest selling price is by investing in crypto presales and this is where Launchpads come in.

BoostX, for example, is an excellent crypto project that allows you to make a wise decision about your next investments, as well as analyse all your options as you can get to know projects before they join the market. 

Essentially, it is a multi-chain launchpad that boosts new projects by helping them launch into the crypto market while making sure that investors are provided fair and useful access to exclusive crypto presales. 

BoostX recognises the importance of presales and allows users the opportunity to purchase highly-anticipated tokens, while in their presale stage; meaning you can acquire tokens before they are priced in the market.

The recent market crash should not stop you from making all the investments you had planned, and this volatility can be scary. Plenty of the top 10 cryptocurrencies experienced an overnight price drop, but Maker (MKR) managed to turn green and see price growth. 

If you are still unsure and want to invest in the presales, BoostX is the place to go. Start investing today and you could see your income double.

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