Fresh Crypto Investments for New Financial Year: Logarithmic Finance (LOG) and ApeCoin (APE) 

Fresh Crypto Investments for New Financial Year: Logarithmic Finance (LOG) and ApeCoin (APE) 

The new financial year seems to be an ideal time to make some calculated investments. The crypto market is flooded with new releases but there are a few coins that stand out and are worth looking out for.  Logarithmic Finance news…

These tokens are developed after taking into consideration the market trends and history. With an additional edge of new features and creativity, these tokens are predicted to rule the market and benefit the investors. 

Here is a list of the new crypto tokens that could prove to be an ideal investment for this financial year.

Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

With a hike of 47.51%, Logarithmic Finance (LOG) has already created a buzz amongst crypto enthusiasts and potential investors. It is a layer-3 switching protocol with the main aim to bridge the gap between the innovators and investors within the fintech industry. LOG developers exhibit a passion for revolutionising the crypto world by enabling innovators to explore the technological potential of the cryptoverse. 

The whitepaper of LOG reveals a game plan with some revolutionary features. For instance, LOG allows its investors to exchange tokens from different blockchain networks for NFTs. It would create a financial space for creators and artists. Logarithmic Finance also promises a multi-chain and cross-chain system that will allow investors to swap across blockchain networks in a highly secure manner. 

LOG is still in its presale phase making this time window the perfect opportunity to invest while the value of the token is affordable. 

ApeCoin (APE)

Ever since its release earlier this year, ApeCoin has topped the crypto charts. Apart from its permanently fixed 1 billion tokens supply, ApeCoin has created some news as it was initially identified as a meme coin. However, it has emerged as a utility coin and proven its credibility amongst analysts despite the price fluctuations. Clearly, the narrative around ApeCoin has picked the interest of crypto connoisseurs. 

In its first two days of trading, ApeCoin earned more than one billion dollars within a volatile crypto market. The token borrows its success from its association with the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. ApeCoin was officially airdropped to the famous NFT collection BAYC and MAYC. 

APE promises to serve as a decentralised protocol layer to channel the crypto investors towards a secure and hassle-free metaverse. It is listed on the main crypto exchanges like FTX, Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Check out the Securipop (SECR) Presale

Securipop (SECR) deserves an honorary mention in the list of crypto tokens that are making news in the market. SECR is dedicated to delivering a secure communication layer that will disable any third-party intervention. Its investors will benefit from decentralised communication channels, as well as a secure community. The token’s presale period has begun, and it is well worth looking into.

With the onset of the new financial year, one could invest in ApeCoin which has launched recently but has a history in the crypto market. Or, LOG could also seem a favourable option given its performance as a brand new crypto token.

Check out the LOG presale here

Join the Securipop (SECR) presale here:

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