Legendary Analyst Announced 5 Altcoins He Collected From The Base And His Claims!

Legendary Analyst Announced 5 Altcoins He Collected From The Base And His Claims!


Michael van de Poppe, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, shared some altcoin projects he had on his radar. The analyst explained his expectations for the projects in question by giving levels. Here are the coins on the analyst’s watchlist and their possible price levels…

At the top of the analyst’s list is the president altcoin

Closely followed crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe said that Ethereum (ETH) is poised for a relief rally after months of bearish action. The prominent analyst says he expects ETH to recoup some of its losses and move to the $1,300 range. According to the information, ETH is currently changing hands at $ 1.222. According to the analyst, although there have been positive signs in the markets in the last few days, the weakness of various indices is gaining in value.


The trader also mentioned Fetch.ai (FET). While stating that there is the existence of FET, he stated that this coin is on the rise. Fetch.ai aims to serve as a platform for applications that enable factors to work, such as financial services, smart cities or flexible economics. It is a decentralized machine learning system. Van de Poppe, who is an optimist on FET, says he expects the altcoin to potentially rise by 15 percent in a short time. The analyst uses the following terms:

I’m still waiting for the lower levels to be filled in the FET. The levels I’m looking at are: $0.0775 and $0.068.

Legendary Analyst Announced 5 Altcoins He Collected From The Base And His Claims!

The analyst shared the coins he had accumulated

While many in the crypto space are still waiting for another wave of liquidations taking the markets down, Van de Poppe says the bears are on their end. He pointed to the collapse of FTX, the domino effect it caused, and the massive flood of FUD. He states that in the current situation, the bears are very enthusiastic.

On the other hand, Michael van de Poppe shared the cryptocurrencies that he is in the accumulation phase despite the recent decrease in prices. According to the analyst’s tweet, Cosmos (ATOM), Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK) and Ethereum (ETH) are accumulating.

Turkey tweet that surprised the analyst

Finally, Michael van de Poppe tweeted about Turkey. The analyst pointed to the possibility of celebrating his birthday in Turkey. Meanwhile, he also said that he could create an event. The analyst’s tweet included the following terms:

I know there are a ton of people trading and investing in crypto in Turkey. I may want to celebrate my birthday in Istanbul, speak at an event and host another event myself. What are you thinking?

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