Hit the Jackpot with Dogecoin (DOGE), Hedera (HBAR), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

Hit the Jackpot with Dogecoin (DOGE), Hedera (HBAR), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

Most cryptocurrency investors continue to look for short-term opportunities and burn their wallets while long-term players realize the importance of accumulating huge volumes of good coins. Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is one such new token, currently in its presale period, that could provide huge gains. You can also consider Dogecoin (DOGE) and Hedera (HBAR) for diversification purposes. 

Dogecoin community appeals for adding it as a tipping option on Twitter

The DOGE token fans have rallied support to request Twitter to add the popular meme coin as a tipping option on its app. Twitter has allowed content creators to receive monetary compensation through the tipping feature. The addition of DOGE to the list of acceptable payment modes on Twitter could further increase the adoption of Dogecoin as Twitter is used by millions of users across the world. 

Created as a joke or meme coin, the strong community of DOGE supporters has played an important role in making it one of the most popular tokens in the world. DOGE is an evergreen investment and can be added for diversifying your crypto portfolio along with the LOG token and Hedera. 

Logarithmic Finance jumps in presale, could rally after listing

Logarithmic Finance has seen a strong spike in presale volumes with investors purchasing heavy quantities of this new token. The Logarithmic Finance ecosystem seeks to enable easy connections between projects and investors. 

The LOG token will be used as the main coin inside the launchpad platform. Logarithmic finance will help new cryptocurrency project developers to seek access to funding in an easy manner. Anybody can create a liquidity pool on the many networks supported by the Logarithmic Finance platform. Investors can also add a new pool of finance or use an existing one. Funds will be locked in one of the pools while the other will be flexible and will allow withdrawals at any time. 

The project owners will pay a flat fee for liquidity access and it will be shared with all LOG holders. The more tokens you possess, the greater the rewards. Currently available at a price of $0.002376, the LOG token could soon scale to higher levels and it would be wise to consider purchasing the coin while it’s on presale. 

LOG will reward its supporters through a staking program and sharing liquidity fees. Holders of LOG will gain access to NFT swap features that will be made available in the future. 

The LOG token is supported by many blockchains such as Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), BNB chain, Tezos, and Ethereum (ETH). Accessing DeFi liquidity pools on various blockchains can help in raising funds through multiple routes and Logarithmic Finance has taken the right step by incorporating interoperability. 

Hedera launches Privacy Market Development Fund

The HBAR foundation that oversees research and development efforts for the Hedera ecosystem has announced the launch of a Privacy Market Development Fund, to boost the development of privacy features for Hedera. Project developers can submit proposals and seek funding for their research efforts in strengthening the Hedera blockchain. The announcement was made via a tweet

“The Privacy Market Development Fund will drive innovation of privacy preserving technologies built on Hedera.”

The HBAR token could spike as soon as more privacy and security features are added to the Hedera network. The HBAR token is currently trading at a price level of $0.19 and remains one of the most undervalued coin. We believe it can be added for a potential upside of 10x to 20x. 

Finding the next 10x coin is a difficult task but the decision should be made entirely on a token’s fundamentals and its features. Logarithmic Finance offers great utility and is targeting the project launchpad ecosystem that is currently inadequate and suffers from low liquidity. Not all launchpads offer cross-chain compatibility and project owners are often left to their own devices and have no choice but to pay heavy listing fees. Logarithmic Finance could see multiple rallies once the listing is completed so for the best return, it would be advised to get in early.

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