Here are 10 Bomb Bitcoin and Altcoin Forecasts for 2023!

Here are 10 Bomb Bitcoin and Altcoin Forecasts for 2023!

What does the next year hold for Bitcoin and altcoin projects? We’ve rounded up the claims of smart people in the field, from the ascendants to the skeptics.

10 predictions for the future of bitcoin and altcoins

1. There will be epic battles over regulations

No one can predict the exact outcome in the crypto market. Invitations to edit increased in 2022. But 2023 will likely be the year when the conflict over regulation finally comes to a head. “Hard crypto regulation will be recommended,” said Laura Shin, host of the ‘Unchained’ podcast. This way, the community will fight an epic battle to combat the parts of it that threaten decentralization.”

2. Web3 platforms will continue to grow

Alex Zhang, de facto leader of Friends with Benefits DAO, said, “Market conditions with greater macro downturn will hopefully steer crypto projects away from speculation. Also, it will accurately shift more to the benefit. A valuable category of utility is simply meaningful, fun, social experiences,” he says. He expects this to evolve into ‘more meaningful Web3 social platforms and protocols’. It also predicts growth in ‘interoperable identity, on-chain social graphs and crypto-isolated social experiences’.

Here are 10 Bomb Bitcoin and Altcoin Forecasts for 2023!

3. More blood, more loss, more pain…

“The contagion is not over,” says Cas Piancey, co-host of the ‘Crypto Critics’ Corner’ podcast. “Companies, banks and funds are desperately hoping the market will pass the collapse of FTX and Alameda,” Piancey said. Or it focuses strictly on abuses,” he says. He also shares the following insights:

But whether people like it or not, you can’t wish for a credit crunch and exposure to lousy counterparties. As the contagion is so great and so hard to measure for all of us, we’re going to see funds shut down and companies we didn’t expect falter.

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4. Indeed, there will be global Bitcoin acceptance

“I am disappointed,” says Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation, of the Bitcoin conference he attended. He also said, “I was surprised by the number of Bitcoin entrepreneurs and presidents from many different countries. There were people from rural areas of Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, from conflict zones. They all build on Bitcoin only. This is legally surprising,” he explains. That’s why he says ‘global adoption is probably the number one story for next year.

Here are 10 Bomb Bitcoin and Altcoin Forecasts for 2023!

5. There is life outside of Crypto/Bitcoin/Blockchain!

Bitcoin mega bull Peter McCormack, host of the ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast, explains 2023 assumptions. He simply says ‘Real Bedford will win the league’. Frankly, this is a cheeky joke (McCormack bought the group in 2021). But it contains the core of a deeper truth. For many in the space during the crypto winter, it is beneficial, even healthy, to focus on other interests.

6. Web3 will be fashionable

“Fashion will continue to lead the way when it comes to Web3 adoption,” says Cathy Hackl, Journey’s chief metaverse officer. According to Hackl, we will see more collaboration amid Web3 personalities and consumer and luxury brands looking to explore new business models and customer touchpoints. Hackl’s bonus assumption: “With the rise of productive AI, blockchain will play a valuable role in helping us differentiate between AI-generated content and human-generated content.”

Here are 10 Bomb Bitcoin and Altcoin Forecasts for 2023!

7. Keep NFTs full throttle

“The continued high risk appetite in NFT financing in 2022 is a strong indication that it will be one of the first chapters to recover next year,” says Burke. He also said, “Over the past year, we’ve started to see large NFT investments from major Web2 brands (Starbucks and Disney) and across Web3. This shows no signs of stopping in 2023. Brands will continue to flock to NFTs,” he predicts.

8. Gaming and DAOs will continue to grow

Burke is also on the rise when it comes to gaming. In this regard, he says, “The leading Web3 games that have been in development for some time, including Big Time, Star Atlas, Ember Sword, will finally see the light of day in 2023, either as full-fledged games or more.” As for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)? “The current bear market has forced the segment to pause,” Burke said. However, the growth of new DAOs has gained momentum. It also produced more new DAOs each month in 2022 than we witnessed in 2021,” he explains.

Here are 10 Bomb Bitcoin and Altcoin Forecasts for 2023!

9. Major exchanges will become ‘segregated’

Haseeb Qureshi, managing partner of Dragonfly Capital, said, “The stock market pile is unbundling. Just like in classical finance. We will see that custody, brokerage, and trade/price discovery are broken down into different players. This will make it impossible for another FTX to happen,” he says. Qureshi then makes a parallel claim:

When confidence is low, officials are consolidated. People are less likely to trust smaller and weaker players. So Coinbase, Binance, Uniswap gain market share in total. Network effects are strengthened.

10. The area will be reorganized

“Read the room and assess the damage,” says Sandra Ro, CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Board. She then gives some advice for the field in general:

Reorganize with humility. Rebuild with integrity. Gain faith again. Thus, rise again.

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