Fidarzi (FIZI) Will Join To Revolutionize DeFi

Fidarzi (FIZI) Will Join To Revolutionize DeFi
Fidarzi (FIZI) Will Join To Revolutionize DeFi
Fidarzi (FIZI) Will Join To Revolutionize DeFi 2

Fidarzi (FIZI) 

Fidarzi (FIZI) is an ecosystem that will allow users to seamlessly conduct transactions across multiple blockchains and currencies (fiat and virtual). Its mission is to remove the limitations between average consumers, businesses and blockchain technology. Fidarzi (FIZI) intends to make banking what it was always meant to be; community first and they plan to do this by creating a trusted DAO community. 

The ecosystem has the Fidarzi Exchange which is designed for the mass market. It would be operating as an extension of Fidarzi (FIZI) outside the existing Fidarzi app as a non-custodial exchange that will provide users with direct access to various DeFi protocols and platforms. The DEX will allow Exchange for a list of tokens and altcoins and this list will be updated often. There would also be the Fidarzi App that will allow users to spend their crypto using the Fidarzi card

Token holders will be able to stake Fidarzi (FIZI) tokens in the community DAO as well as associated services and will be eligible for competitive staking rewards that can be claimed through the DEX manually or automatically. Buyers that purchase the token with BTC will get 10% of their deposit and a whopping 15% when they use ETH. Also, early buyers can earn 8% if they buy in the projects first stage of presale and 4% in the second stage. 





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