Edward Snowden Heavily Criticized Metamask’s New Policy

Edward Snowden Heavily Criticized Metamask’s New Policy

Edward Snowden heavily criticized Metamask’s new policy. Some people in the cryptocurrency world are worried about the initial vision of their company.

Consensys updated its privacy statement on November 23.

Consensys, a blockchain software company based in New York and the creator of MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet, has shocked the crypto industry and especially those who support decentralized governance with new changes in its security policy. Edward Snowden is one of the biggest advocates of privacy. Report him as a crime if it happened in a country where justice exists.

Consensys updated its privacy statement on November 23. To inform MetaMask’s more than 20 million users when they interact when using Infura as a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider. Their IP address and Ethereum wallet address will be collected and logged. RPC is a software communication protocol that enables remote communication between web3 programs and the blockchain. Consensys bought Infura, a company that builds tools for blockchains and APIs, in October 2019.

Edward Snowden: Same with committing a crime

On Twitter, Edward Snowden expressed his dissatisfaction with the MetaMask team. Arguing that their plan to collect employee information under the guise of extortion is almost as bad as committing a crime. Snowden deleted the tweet and replaced it with another one. In which he said that MetaMask contacted him and the company is working on the details. Based on the community response, it is clear that many people are not interested in this story. In addition, some players in the world of cryptocurrency fear that the original vision of their company, based on anonymity and anonymity, will be abandoned.

The fact that ConsenSys is an American company contributes to some skeptical customers. This is because the collection of such data can lead to the imposition of fines and penalties by government officials.

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