Dogeliens Hits $5M and Takes Over the P2E World – Will It Beat Sandbox and Solana in Q4?

Dogeliens Hits $5M and Takes Over the P2E World – Will It Beat Sandbox and Solana in Q4?

In October 1958, the world changed forever. Physicist William Higinbotham published the first video game that impressed the world. It was a simple tennis game, but ahead of its time.

It may not have the same technology as the beloved Wii Sports, but it has conquered the world and paved the way for P2E crypto games like Dogeliens. It’s fair to say that the game has taken the world by storm. In 2020, the number of players reached a whopping 2.69 billion. A growth forecast of 5.6% predicts that there will be 3.07 billion gamers in 2023. Therefore, it is not surprising that cryptocurrency serves this market through P2E games.

Dogeliens Hits $5M and Takes Over the P2E World - Will It Beat Sandbox and Solana in Q4? 2

Sandbox (SAND) is a metaverse game that uses the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Ethereum is preparing for a consensus switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) in order to improve security, reduce its carbon footprint and increase transaction speed. Sandbox is a pioneer in the metaverse gaming industry, allowing new P2E games like Dogeliens (DOGET) to flourish.

Dogeliens have ambitious plans for the future, and not just in the short term. The new dog-themed P2E meme coin appears to be built on the platform created by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) for meme coins. Dogeliens could reach $5 million in pre-sales. If it reaches this number, it could attract the attention of crypto whales, such as the potential Shiba Inu price rally that influenced the Ethereum wall to buy 312 billion SHIB!

What are the features of Dogeliens P2E?

If you have a Nintendo DS, you’ve heard of Nintendogs. The exciting game allows you to take care of the dogs and even walk them, which increases their stamina. The game went viral worldwide and sold a total of 23.96 million copies. So, what does this have to do with Dogeliens?

Now users can buy Dogeliens in the form of NFTs that can be minted on the platform. These NFTs can be instantly used in Puptopia, which is the planet where the Dogeliens P2E game is based. Just like Nintendogs, you can interact with your Dogeliens to get rewards and help them progress.

However, the Dogeliens went one step further. If staying indoors or running isn’t your cup of tea in Puptopia, you can battle your Dogeliens against others to win prizes or make your Dogeliens even more valuable. See more here.

Want to play Puptopia with your friends? You can! Gather in groups of two, three or four and battle against other players. Posting your success on social media will earn you additional rewards to help you in the game.

How will this P2E game compete with the success of Solana (SOL) and The Sandbox (SAND)

That’s the beauty of the Dogeliens. It’s not just a P2E game. When you step onto the platform, you’ll be greeted with tons of tools and services at your fingertips. As seen in the photo below, the Dogeliens host an academy aptly named The University of Barkington.

The University of Barkington has education in every part of the crypto realm for its users as it strives to help more “humanoids” get involved in crypto. Education does not end there. Dogeliens believe that everyone should have access to education. Anyone who wants to learn basic skills can do so for free on the Dogeliens platform!

Back to the game, Dogeliens uses a simple but effective model to acquire and retain new users. Players respond well to constant challenges. If the end occurs, users will stop playing at some point. So in Dogeliens you can keep training and fighting to expand your portfolio and get more rewards!

The combination of fun and realism entices players to spend more time in the game. Take Runescape for example. Reaching level 99 in a skill takes months of dedication. However, players will feel a sense of accomplishment when they finally get there, as if they have achieved real life goals.

Dogeliens combines the fun of fighting your NFTs with the realism of training them. As technology advances, realism is becoming more and more a trend in games. How Solana (SOL) Impacted the P2E Gaming Industry

Solana (SOL) is not a P2E gaming platform itself. However, it hit the P2E gaming industry in a big way. Solana provides P2E games with a blockchain to build on. Those looking to use Solana are greeted with generous transaction speeds of up to 50,000 per second.

The speed alone makes Solana the fastest blockchain in the world. Star Atlas (ATLAS) is built on the Solana blockchain. Star Atlas is a space exploration strategy game. With the recent release of NASA’s James Webb Telescope, space has quickly become a hot topic. Solana provides a platform for the development of these new and exciting games, making it an important part of the crypto gaming industry.

Solana isn’t just limited to Star Atlas. There are many games on the Solana blockchain, each with a unique mode of operation. More than 350 projects have been built on the Solana blockchain, which shows its importance not only in the gaming industry, but in the entire crypto market.

Should The Sandbox (SAND) be afraid of the Dogeliens?

If you’ve heard of the metaverse, you’ll be familiar with The Sandbox. Sandbox is one of the pioneers in the metaverse industry. Sandbox creates a game where users can choose their path without following the rules of others. You make your way and make the rules.

The fun doesn’t end there. Users can customize their metaverse avatars in the NFT market on the Sandbox platform. With SAND tokens for transacting, users can immerse themselves in the many options available in the market. NFT collections of pop culture figures such as Snoop Dogg can be found on the market. Users can buy lots and accessories for their houses!

The secret of a successful cryptocurrency is many partnerships that attract many users. You can find that in The Sandbox. From music bands like Avenged Sevenfold to clothing brands like Adidas, The Sandbox has something for everyone!

So should the Sandbox be afraid of the Dogeliens? Probably not. GameFi, metaverse and P2E gaming are crypto sectors that are growing. This leaves more room for different cryptocurrencies like The Sandbox and Dogeliens to shine in this sector.

Final thoughts

The crypto market is unpredictable, one day it’s positive news and the next day it’s negative. Solana provides a reliable platform for creating games. The breakthrough technology enables high blockchain speeds that use a combination of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus. Sandbox creates a platform that gives users freedom of expression.

They can make their own rules and play the game however they want. There is no right or wrong in Sandbox. As long as you have fun, you win. This is why the game was so successful in the gaming industry and reached 2 million users. However, Dogeliens have created a platform that contains everything needed to create a successful game. The presale has created a buzz around the platform as it can reach $5 million in presale. P2E play and Barkington University will help the Dogeliens overcome The Sandbox and Solana in Q4. That’s the beauty of the crypto market, no matter what happens!

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