DOGE, SOL, and Shock Assumption For These 5 Coins: $0 From Analyst!

DOGE, SOL, and Shock Assumption For These 5 Coins: $0 From Analyst!

In the last few years, the cryptocurrency community on Twitter has grown quite large. While many analysts occupy a small corner of the platform, it has become one of the accounts with millions of passionate viewers. In this article, we will talk about the 2023 predictions of a widely followed Bitcoin and altcoin trader. The analyst’s list includes 7 coins, including DOGE. Here are the details…

Analyst’s 2023 forecast for DOGE and 6 coins

The massive influx of the cryptocurrency community on Twitter, news and more is invaluable, but analytics accounts are attracting a lot of attention. In addition, many investors focus on tweets where assumptions are shared. In this article, we will talk about the predictions of Ash WSB, which has 600 thousand followers. One coin in particular stands out on the assumption list of Ash WSB, an experienced investor. Let’s look at the list first:

  • Bitcoin: $28,000
  • Ethereum: $2,200
  • BNB: $500
  • Solana: $0
  • DOGE: $0.20
  • XRP: $0.65
  • LUNC: $0.0003

As can be seen, Ash WSB predicts a level of $0 for Solana (SOL). The coin is changing hands at $11.33 at the time of writing. SOL recorded its all-time high on November 6, 2021. At that time, the cryptocurrency managed to reach $259.96. It is currently about 95 percent below this level.


Solana has taken a big hit lately.

Solana (SOL) was affected by the overall market bearish trend, as well as by FTX. The cryptocurrency’s close ties to the trading platform have been revealed. Therefore, the cryptocurrency exchange took a valuable blow from the collapse of FTX. Indeed, SOL got reinforcements from Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). With fraudulent allegations tagged against the FTX founder, the token has experienced heavy selling pressure.

Still, currently the Solana community is relying on network developments in the ecosystem. He thinks this will be enough for him to compete with platforms like Ethereum (ETH) to trigger a possible rally. However, currently network development has minimal impact on the asset. SOL’s movement is largely oriented towards the trends in the overall market. Still, time will tell whether Ash WSB’s $0 claim stands. There were many coins in the cryptocurrency market that fell to zero and were forgotten. However, the innovations and high activity that Solana brought to the field do not go unnoticed.

DOGE, SOL, and Shock Assumption For These 5 Coins: $0 From Analyst!

Trader’s other assumptions and current prices of coins

While the zero dollar is a rather shocking assumption, Solana is burdened, but Ash WSB’s other claims are also worth considering. The analyst thinks that Bitcoin will rise to $ 28,000. Currently, the cost of BTC is around $16,800. So there’s a difference of more than $12,000. The current price tag for Ethereum is $1,210. In other words, the analyst thinks that ETH will rise by $ 1,000 in a year. BNB, on the other hand, is currently at $242, so the analyst believes BNB will do 2x. Assumptions for DOGE, XRP and LUNC; 2-3x higher than the current price of the coins.

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