Cryptocurrency Awards: Solana (SOL), Seesaw Protocol (SSW) and Cardano (ADA) Take the Podium

Cryptocurrency Awards: Solana (SOL), Seesaw Protocol (SSW) and Cardano (ADA) Take the Podium

Welcome to the cryptocurrency awards – 

1st place this week goes to Seesaw Protocol (SSW) which has gained +20% in 7d

2nd place goes to Solana (SOL) which gained +18% in 7d

3rd place goes to Cardano (ADA), which slightly dipped by 1% but is looking at a bright future ahead. 


After plummeting from all-time highs last year, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has had a rocky start to 2022. 

Now In recent weeks, the bitcoin price had appeared ready to burst above $50,000 per BTC – this comes again for the first time since Christmas 2021. 

Investors are applauding this flood of positive news that can result in heavy gains for wallets and portfolios. 

BNB, XRP, CardanoSolana, and Seesaw Protocol are among the cryptocurrencies that have performed greatly recently – here is why you should invest today;

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) – First Place, Gold Medallist 

SSW Protocol – Join the Presale

Number one in presale, Seesaw Protocol (SSW) – is set to be listed on trading platforms and go live on, much to the satisfaction of those who made investments in the new, innovative altcoin. The launch of a cryptocurrency on live markets has historically resulted in prices skyrocketing, increasing in value. As a result, Seesaw Protocol might boost its +3800 percent growth and reach an all-time high of anywhere between +6000 and +7000 percent, enhancing investors’ wallets.

Thanks to the steady rise in its presale stage, which is currently still live and available to sign up to, SSW has increased in price from the initial (in Jan 2022) of $0.005 to the current $0.203 per token, suggesting that any investment made now, while the coin is still in presale, has the potential to gain about 32 to 35 percent, all in a matter of days. 

The website ( suggests that there will be 1 million USD in liquidity accessible for the protocol – liquidity is the money that flows through a particular network and keeps it functioning. 

When is Seesaw Protocol (SSW) going live? 8th of April 2022

How much has Seesaw gained in the last 30 days? +68%

When can investors start making money with Seesaw Protocol? Right Now – all you need is a smart device and an internet connection. 

Solana (SOL) – Second Place, Silver Medallist 

Well, the rapid rise of NFTs as an asset class has created a bubble that appears unlikely to burst — at least for the time being — NFT marketplaces keeps courting investor attention, particularly around opportunities that appear to be underutilised by established market players. In recent times, there has been a significant increase in interest in the NFT possibilities inside the Solana (SOL) ecosystem. 

Solana, which provides users with low-cost transaction fees as well as faster transaction rates, has emerged as one of the more exciting and ambitious success stories of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in recent times, as the network has lured developers and investors from all over the globe. Many venture capitalists believe that the layer-1 (L1) alternative is a superior hub for NFTs operations, which have frequently been a significant drag on the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in high fees and long wait times over the whole network.

SOL is currently up +18% in one week of trade and its price has reached $132 per token. 

On April 1, Solana pricing broke over a key resistance level, signalling bullish intentions. After a brief retreat, an aggressive advance to hurdles is anticipated.

Cardano (ADA) – Third Place, Bronze Medallist 

Compared to Ethereum NFTs, the Cardano NFT ecosystem is smaller, more tightly knit, and overall sales are lower. 

However, the Cardano NFTs could reach new heights if given the correct stimulus for widespread recognition. It’s tough to pinpoint what causes one NFT collection to skyrocket in value while others languish. The NFT community is clearly driven by hype, and exposure is a highly prized commodity. A prominent character in the NFT universe is California rapper and legend Snoop Dogg, who after getting involved in memecoins (DOGE) recently, is now is also an avid NFT-based art collector.

This news immediately impacted the market, boosting Clay Nation NFT rates from roughly 1600 ADA to around 3300 ADA at the time of this writing.

ADA is currently slightly down -1.11% – could this be the time to buy? 

For More Information on Seesaw Protocol: 






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