Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M Valuation

Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M Valuation

Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M Valuation

Singapore-based crypto wallet BitKeep announced Wednesday the close of a $15 million Series A round at a $100 million post-money valuation. The funding will help BitKeep develop a cross-chain decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to give ecosystem ownership to wallet users.

  • Dragonfly Capital led the round with participation from KuCoin Ventures, A&T Capital, Foresight Ventures, SevenX, Matrixpor, Bixin Capital, Danhua Capital, Peak Capital and YM Capital.
  • In March, BitKeep announced that its multi-chain wallet had reached volume of five million transactions with more than 150,000 daily active users. The wallet supports Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and Polkadot, among other blockchains.
  • “With its comprehensive product, Bitkeep’s next step is to serve a more küresel user base and is poised to become one of the leading Web 3.0 gateways,” said Dragonfly Capital partner Mia Deng in the press release.
  • The investment marks the largest bet on a wallet company by Dragonfly Capital, a venture capital firm with around $3 billion in assets under management, said Deng. The firm previously participated in the $200 million funding round for MetaMask owner ConsenSys.

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Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M ValuationBTC$29,053.63


Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M ValuationETH$1,961.71


Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M ValuationXRP$0.409783


Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M ValuationSOL$50.71


Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M ValuationCRO$0.187307


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