The Best Launchpads To Promote Your Crypto Project: BoostX, OKX Jumpstart, and PolkaStarter

The Best Launchpads To Promote Your Crypto Project: BoostX, OKX Jumpstart, and PolkaStarter

Entering into the world of crypto can be an overwhelming venture. With new crypto projects entering the market continuously, it is becoming harder to create a crypto project that can stand out from the crowd and grow a solid community. BoostX news…

This is why launchpads were created. With the purpose of promoting new projects that are in the presale stage, launchpads help projects raise funds and create a supportive community to help them succeed in the long run.

When selecting a launchpad to help boost your project, it is important to take your time and see what each one has to offer. Some of the best ones include BoostX, OKX Jumpstart, and PolkaStarter.

The Best Launchpads To Promote Your Crypto Project: BoostX, OKX Jumpstart, and PolkaStarter

Boost Your Project With BoostX

BoostX is one of the better launchpads on the market when it comes to promoting your project. This is because of its key features that provide projects with various options to customise their presale. BoostX’s dynamic dashboard allows you to decide on the specific details of your presale, such as if you want dynamic pricing or static pricing. By providing the project with full control, you can reach an audience that can trust your project and enjoy each feature. 

BoostX also allows you to add rewards for investors, such as bonuses. With this diverse range of features, you can enhance your project to the max. 

Additionally, BoostX is a multi-chain platform which is a great benefit to have as many launchpads are limited to a singular blockchain. This allows you to decide which blockchain is best suited for your project, such as BNB Chain, Solana, Ethereum, Terra, and Polygon. 

With so many different options made available by BoostX, you can create a unique presale that will attract investors and boost the project’s potential to succeed. 

Jumpstart Your Project With OKX Jumpstart

Another great launchpad to give you a boost when entering the market is OKX Jumpstart. One of the most used launchpads, OKX Jumpstart has a large audience that invests in its promoted projects. 

Users can participate in campaigns by staking their OKB tokens and receiving new ones based on the amount staked. With OKX Jumpstart, getting tokens for new projects is similar to liquidity mining as users get all their staked assets back after the campaign ends – an attractive feature to investors. 

This means that if you launch your project on this launchpad, there will be a big community of users ready to invest. 

The Best Launchpads To Promote Your Crypto Project: BoostX, OKX Jumpstart, and PolkaStarter

Start Your Presale With PolkaStarter 

PolkaStarter is a successful launchpad within the market. With over 35,000 users at the time of writing, and having raised $48.8 million in capital across 109 projects, PolkaStarter has seen a significant amount of success for itself and its projects. 

Targeting decentralised projects, PolkaStarter is a good launchpad to help promote your project. Similar to BoostX, it is also a multi-chain platform, supporting projects built on Polkadot, Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche. This does not limit your project to being built on a particular blockchain, providing you with more control.

This is also one of the main reasons why PolkaStarter has seen so much traction, as investors can find a diverse range of projects. 

Finding The Right Launchpad For You

In terms of launching your own project, it is best to find a launchpad that not only has a strong community of users but also allows you to customise your presale to your liking. Although all three launchpads are great and will support your project significantly, BoostX stands out the most. Due to its customisation features, there are many options to make your project unique and stand out in the saturated market. Additionally, the range of blockchains is also an attractive feature. Nevertheless, it is best to conduct further research before making a decision. 



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