The NFT Collection for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Collaboration with Coca Cola The NFT Collection for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Collaboration with Coca Cola
0 the NFT collection for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in collaboration with Coca Cola. Coinciding with the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup, and Coca-Cola have joined forces with GMUNK to release a line of NFTs based on the global sporting spectacle’s most memorable moments. The collection titled “Piece of Magic” will be using heatmap data for its NFTs.

Users all over the world will have access to the NFTs based on the popular heatmaps. According to Depa and web3 Technology for technology, processing like this becomes the process. Looking for one of 10,000 easier than the qualified to register coca-cola pages to say to their own magic. Digital collections will be available for different nationals.

The fact that the market has been reduced. Does this indicate that there is strong interest in NFTs among companies?

The Connection of Art & Sports: It’s Perfect

In a news release dated December 5, announced the collective as a special group competing in Qatar. Artist GoMunk, the Creator of the NEFT, indicated in each of the services is a story about a team that appeared exactly.

In the information, GUNK says the nfs are “urgent of football and create a regular basis in each match.” The user of the Fifa World is bringing the collection, describing them as “an unparallel.”

However, looked at the area from the space of Depa and Crypto. Stevot Kalifitz says the cup of World Fila Words will be the first of the web3 technique.

“It is a Honor to collaborate with Coca-Cola and GMUPLIZELIZE AND GMORTLIZIN,” He Continu Description The NFT is a New Type of Memories.

Coca-Cola & Growing With Sports

The list of’s affiliations is packed to the brim with diverse sport companies. From E-Sports with Twitch Rivals and FNATIC to Formula 1, the organization appears to have a strong belief in sports marketing. With the current bear market, this would certainly boost the NFT market.

However, not all situations are favorable for the company. In September of this year, terminated its $495 million contract with the Union of European Football Association due to regulatory concerns on the European continent.

Meanwhile, as DeFi and Web3 technologies continue to develop, we may see more of this kind of alliance in the future.

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