Could RoboApe Token Be The Next Shiba Inu When Bull Market Resumes?

Could RoboApe Token Be The Next Shiba Inu When Bull Market Resumes?

The meme tokens has thrived in crypto, mainly because they present a new way to look at cryptocurrency and value addition to an item, a significant reason why coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have done so well. Over 19,000 cryptocurrencies are fighting for our attention across several platforms like Reddit, Twitter, etc. Roboape news..

It’s the usual cycle of roadmaps, whitepaper, and vague value creation that nobody cares about. Meme coins have managed to break through the noise, bring individuals together to share a laugh, and be the product while adding continuous value to the token. Safemoon set the trend for what meme coins should but couldn’t hold its own. 

RoboApe is a token that promises a fun time and wants to build a community where each individual is guaranteed huge returns in profit, resources, and several other initiatives emanating from the community.

RBA will be one of the first meme tokens to hand over governance to the community. It will function fully as a community-driven DAO, where all decisions pass through the community, including initiatives and future plans. The RoboApe team has numerous plans to help scale the project and market it to the general public. The massive hype around animal memes, especially apes, will push RoboApe further, as it fits into the discussion effortlessly.

Could RoboApe Token Be The Next Shiba Inu When Bull Market Resumes?
Could RoboApe Token Be The Next Shiba Inu When Bull Market Resumes? 3

With Apecoin (APE) success and the accompanying ape NFTs like Bored Ape and Mutant Ape, nobody wants to miss out on RBA, as the ape meta has shown potential in revolutionizing the meme culture and even breaking into the NFT space.

Understanding RoboApe

RoboApe as a community project is governed by its token. $RBA is an ERC20 token and will offer utility across several benefits and platforms. 900 million tokens will be generated at the token generation event, and each token will go for $0.00009 on presale. 

This is the best entry price I have seen for any coin on presale. RBA presale makes it easy for early adopters to profit immensely. The supply is meagre compared to Dogecoin (DOGE) with over 100 billion supply, Shiba Inu (SHIB) with over 100 trillion supply of tokens or even Safemoon (SAFEMOON) with over 1 trillion supply. RoboApe’s supply, in comparison, allows for a huge margin of profit for investors.

To put these numbers into context, when RBA makes it to a million-dollar market cap, investors who bought at presale would have made over 6000% profit. Also, at a million-dollar market cap, a project is hugely undervalued, and it still leaves a massive margin for RoboApe to grow and create enormous value even for late investors. 

However, not everyone would get the entry price of $0.00009 as the team plans to sell to only a few whitelisted individuals. If you don’t get whitelisted, you’re still guaranteed a decent entry that allows you to profit massively from the project. You can, however, register for the RoboApe presale here.

Could RoboApe Token Be The Next Shiba Inu When Bull Market Resumes?
Could RoboApe Token Be The Next Shiba Inu When Bull Market Resumes? 4

Value Creation And Potential For Growth

Cryptocurrency can be a volatile and risky form of investment. However, the entry price for RoboApe is low, such that you do not stand to lose much when you invest. Risk to profit ratio is enormous, and the tokenomics presents the chance of RoboApe reaching $1 before Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. 

Another situation that poses a great opportunity is we are currently in a bear market, so this could be the lowest we’d find it. Meme coins often thrive in the bull market as there’s so much liquidity to have fun and play around with. The 2021 bull market was kickstarted driven by meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Hence, the search for the next big meme coin is spreading, and they are in gems like this if you find them early.

Beyond the DAO and governance, the team for RoboApe plans for $RBA to power an NFT marketplace, a DEX platform, and the community in ways that propagate fun and the meme culture across crypto-focused platforms. RoboApe poses a lot of growth potential, and a peek into their marketing plans exerts the team’s connection in the space and their power to onboard top-flight crypto personalities and influencers on the train.

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