Can Immunicorn overtake Ethereum?

Can Immunicorn overtake Ethereum?

Most projects increase the price of the token after the public sale; once the token becomes active, the chance of profit is high. Immunicorn (IMU), the decentralized token that powers the DeFi structure on its dedicated platform, is one of the most anticipated ICOs of the year. Based on historical data and analysis of how the best ideas perform in presales, they are expected to exceed their presale price by 100 times.

The basic premise of profit in cryptocurrencies is to buy low and sell high. There is no specific standard for this method, other than buying reliable projects during their presale. The presale price of each project is the lowest possible entry point and you have the potential to earn more than anyone who did not participate in the pre-sale.

In 2014, Ethereum (ETH) was launched at a pre-sale price of $0.30.

Despite the depressed state of the cryptocurrency market, listed cryptocurrencies have made gains of at least 1000%.

Ethereum (ETH) – Old dog, new tricks

Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. However, it has important functionality, built-in applications and other benefits.

Ethereum is the most valuable network because DeFi has nearly $70 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), the NFT market is worth over $40 billion, and several other properties make it up.

Can Immunicorn overtake Ethereum?

The Ethereum network has scalability issues that are being addressed by developing layer 1 and 2 solutions that aim to help the network process transactions faster and reduce transaction fees by a significant amount. All this despite being one of the most efficient and secure blockchain networks.

With Ethereum 2.0, the network tries to improve its scalability, energy consumption and other issues and eventually integrates with the main network. The expected merger will take place in the summer of 2022, which will bring the price of Ethereum (ETH) back to its all-time high. This combination is expected to increase the speed, efficiency and scalability of the network, enable more transactions and reduce gas costs.

It currently has a market capitalization of over $149 billion, while its token is trading at over $1,230; it will peak around $4,800 in November 2021.

Immunicorn (IMU) – City Ride

Immunicorn Finance (IMU), a portmanteau of immune and unicorn, is the decentralized reserve currency of the BNB chain. A decentralized reserve currency refers to a currency that is essentially backed by a reserve. Like how central banks use reserve assets to manage the currencies under their watch.

Unlike banks, decentralized reserve currencies maintain coins using cryptocurrency reserve assets stored in the decentralized reserve currency protocol. This means that the price of the issued token is backed by a reserve that gives the holder assurance that the value of the token will not fall below a certain minimum value. Therefore, Immunicorn provides a safe platform where the price of its token, IMU, will not fall below a set minimum value.

Can Immunicorn overtake Ethereum?

Immunicorn (IMU) will incorporate a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) into its administration to enable an unprecedented level of decentralization to its customers. The goal of Immunicorn Finance is to support the building of a policy control system that DAO will take advantage of the extensive influence of the IMU coin.

Additionally, it features a staking and coin component powered by IMU, the BEP20 token created by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

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