Calyx Network (CLX) begins Presale: Ethereum (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL) Success Show Getting in Early can be Key

Calyx Network (CLX) begins Presale: Ethereum (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL) Success Show Getting in Early can be Key

Built upon values of security, transparency, and decentralisation, Calyx is an innovative new liquidity protocol that aims to empower users and provide instant token exchange at unbeatable prices. Calyx Token (CLX) presale went live last week, hoping to mimic the extraordinarily successful presales of Ethereum (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL). 

Token trading under one roof

Calyx Network, although in its early stages, has ambitious plans to become a community-led network that will allow users to trade and engage in token swapping. The core aim is to allow multi-chain crypto asset trading. The platform will enable traders to find the best prices by sourcing liquidity from various liquidity sources (DEXs). Investors will then be able to switch between tokens in one transaction at the most competitive price, a unique feature that helps Calyx stand out in the cryptocurrency market.

Calyx Network (CLX) begins Presale: Ethereum (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL) Success Show Getting in Early can be Key

Solving the Liquidity problem 

For decentralised finance (DeFi) to function well, sufficient liquidity is a must. If there is enough liquidity, price fluctuations the market will be less volatile. The rapid growth of many DeFi projects has meant liquidity has been generally low, with projects forced to utilise often insecure centralised exchanges to list their tokens. 

CalyxSwap – part of the Calyx Network – will remove the need for investors to utilise said exchanges to trade their tokens by bringing together top liquidity sources, aiming to run various blockchain networks in one ecosystem. A significant advantage for Calyx Token (CLX) users is that when cryptocurrencies are placed into the liquidity pool, they receive a percentage of the fees created by trades. Initially, Calyx will be supported on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain but plans to expand the network will take it to include others such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC) and Fantom (FTM). 

Calyx Network (CLX) begins Presale: Ethereum (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL) Success Show Getting in Early can be Key

Investing early: Presale begins

The presale stage for the Calyx Token (CLX) is already underway. This is key for potential investors as this stage can be very lucrative: coins are offered at a lower price and therefore cannot fall, increasing returns potential. Investing early has proved a successful strategy, with Filecoin (FIL) presale price increasing 250% from $1 to $4.58, reaching a peak of $237.24 in 2021. The price for 1 Calyx (CLX) is $0.10 and the CLX token supply will be capped at 500 million, with any unsold tokens being burnt. Market experts have indicated the price growth rate is likely to increase rapidly during this presale. 

Power to the People

The community model is at the core of the Calyx platform, which holds security, transparency and decentralisation as its three key pillars. 

Through the use of smart contracts, Calyx will ensure third parties are not involved and that tokens can be swapped instantaneously.  Moving past liquidity protocols, Calyx’s ambitions extend far further. Although the network is currently governed by a ‘founder team’, the plan is that later this year investors will be able to stake Calyx Token (CLX) to vote on proposals in the Calyx decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) whilst earning rewards. CalyxDAO will seek to provide optimum transparency through: large-scale community representation, strong incentives for Calyx Token (CLX) token holders to maintain their stakes, and maximum participation. 

Is Calyx (CLX) legitimate?

Calyx is currently pursuing an audit by independent group CertiK: a blockchain security company that secures smart contracts and protocols through artificial intelligence. Whilst the audit results have not yet been released, Calyx’s pursuit of an audit indicates their credibility. 

Calyx is currently run by an anonymous team; however, this is not necessarily an indication that something is amiss. Crypto itself has been built on anonymity, with the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) remaining anonymous under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.  As cryptocurrency is unregulated, investments are always a risk, but there is nothing to suggest that Calyx is a rug pull. Calyx Network has practicality at its heart; enabling cost-efficient, swift token trading. With bold ambitions and a unique business idea Calyx (CLX) is certainly one to watch.

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