Will Calyx (CLX) build a community as strong as TRON (TRX)?

Will Calyx (CLX) build a community as strong as TRON (TRX)?

Presale coin Calyx (CLX) has the same decentralised, community-focus as successful coin TRON (TRX). They both assert the importance of user independence and power, taking the value away from the creators and placing it into the hands of the investors. TRON’s value is currently ranked at 14th, proving its success. As there are lots of similarities between presale coin Calyx and TRON, does this mean we can hope to see Calyx (CLX) rank as highly in the future? 

Will Calyx (CLX) build a community as strong as TRON (TRX)?
Will Calyx (CLX) build a community as strong as TRON (TRX)? 3

What makes TRON (TRX) so successful? 

TRON is uniquely dedicated to decentralising not just the coin itself, but the whole web. Decentralisation enables users to make decisions on investments as a society without the hierarchical power of central leadership. In turn, this builds an online community that becomes loyal and personally (as well as financially) invested in the coin’s success. 

Decentralised coins are transparent, making them much more verifiable and open than traditionally internal power structures. This is very desirable when you consider the fear of scams in cryptocurrency. Community engagement is also much easier when transactions are transparent. 

TRON’s passion for decentralisation stands out from the crowd. This dedication has established an ‘in-depth cooperation with a number of world-class wallets’, crediting their ability to secure these investors with the coin’s collaborative nature. Arguably, the fundamental decentralisation of this coin is the key to its success. 

Will Calyx (CLX) build a community as strong as TRON (TRX)?
Will Calyx (CLX) build a community as strong as TRON (TRX)? 4

How are Calyx (CLX) and TRON (TRX) similar? 

The main similarity between Calyx (CLX) and TRON (TRX) is this decentralisation. Calyx (CLX) calls itself a ‘community-driven and permissionless liquidity protocol’, demonstrating that community members are at the heart of this coin. 

Although Calyx admits that during the initial development phase the founding team will be managing the network, community members in CalyxDAO will have complete control over the coin after its launch. Calyx aims to transform community-led cryptocurrency through user empowerment in the hope that providing investors with fair representation will ignite the same comradery and success as TRON (TRX).

In order to encourage loyalty, CLX has come up with a reward system, so that staking CLX tokens will enter investors into a reward scheme. By involving users in the CalyxDAO and potentially rewarding them, Calyx will hopefully build a community as strong as TRON’s. 

What’s in store for Calyx’s future? 

The strong community focus of the coin is exciting. During market dips like the one we are currently going through, the investors are more likely to remain loyal to it. This is evident in TRON’s stability as it has been much more consistent than other coins, refusing the drastic decrease in value. 

Furthermore, user empowerment is more appealing to new investors. A closed, centralised structure is less and less desirable because of its similarity to traditional banking, especially as cryptocurrency’s separation from these hierarchical power systems is one of its main attractions. TRON’s passion to ‘decentralise the web’ actively promotes user involvement and while it boasts investors with ‘world-class wallets’ it appears to be successful. If Calyx can adopt the same empowering, user-focussed outlook it has the potential to follow suit. 

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