Bomb Tweet from Elon Musk: This Altcoin Can Join!

Bomb Tweet from Elon Musk: This Altcoin Can Join!

Bomb Tweet from Elon Musk: This Altcoin Can Join!

Billionaire name Elon Musk tweeted the other day. Musk’s tweet pointed to an altcoin project he was no stranger to. According to its latest statements, Dogecoin (DOGE) may have a Christmas on the rise. Here are the details…

Elon Musk delights the altcoin space

According to a tweet by the billionaire yesterday, Elon Musk stated that he is interested in participating in the community Q&A for Dogecoin close to Christmas. His response came after Sir Doge of the Coin (@dogeofficialceo) requested a Twitter Spaces meetup with the billionaire’s DOGE community to discuss memes and chat directly with the community. “Nothing serious, just plain fun,” said Sir Doge of Coin, explaining what Twitter Spaces would be like.

Bomb Tweet from Elon Musk: This Altcoin Can Join!

Musk, who previously called himself DogeFather, underlined that things are “busy right now” in response. He expressed his belief that he would receive a more positive response as he approached Christmas. “Things are pretty heavy right now, but it could be closer to Christmas,” Musk tweeted. Not surprisingly, the Dogecoin community was excited, with many posting news. For example, influencer Matt Wallace, who bet on DOGE’s YouTube channel asset that DOGE would be $1 in 2022, sent word to his more than 779,000 followers within minutes of Musk’s tweet.

DOGE price has not experienced a big change

However, the situation did not affect the price of DOGE very positively. Musk often experiences a rise when he talks about DOGE. It’s worth noting that when the Twitter CEO mentions this, the chest coin often has a positive price repercussion. Sometimes the price reacts even if not mentioned due to speculation from the community. For example, in late November, Musk hinted that he would create an “alternative phone” when the other option was gone. At the time, DOGE owners expected to see DOGE integration in this kind of situation. Therefore, DOGE increased by 6.7 percent.

Like the rest of the crypto market, the chest coin DOGE is currently experiencing losses. At the time of writing, DOGE seems to have lost 9.5 percent in the last 24 hours. On a weekly basis, it fell 19.5 percent. However, the possibility of Musk appearing at a DOGE Twitter Spaces event is precious. Thus, it will not be surprising if the price of the coin makes another upward rally before the end of the year. Still, Elon Musk’s silence about Twitter and his crypto plans for Dogecoin is critical. Therefore, the chest coin seems to have failed to maintain its upside momentum.

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