BlockFi’s financial filing reveals $30M unsettled with the SEC

BlockFi’s financial filing reveals $30M unsettled with the SEC

BlockFi’s financial filing reveals $30M unsettled with the SEC. Ankura Trust Company is the largest lender of the US SEC. BlockFi paid $20 million to the SEC in the first two payments.

This year, the cryptocurrency market has gone through many crises, which have affected the value of the token. Additionally, major crypto platforms have been the subject of multiple Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations. As BlockFi is one of the payers of the US SEC.

After a series of failures in the global cryptocurrency market, BlockFi filed for bankruptcy on Monday. However, the SEC regulator has an unsettled $30 million claim against the cryptocurrency lending platform following prior legal proceedings against the company.

According to the filing, BlockFi is the fourth largest lender behind Ankura Trust Company, which owes more than $729 million to the SEC. In addition, the West Realm Shires, which are in charge of FTX US, are $ 275 million, and the disbelief is due to more than $ 48 million.

Blockfi Company has two years to pay all the $ 50 seconds to pay 5 seconds, which will be paid on five of February. The first two payments, totaling $20 million, appear to be paid by the company. However, the recent fallout from the cryptocurrency exchange FTX has caused major companies to file for bankruptcy and lower crypto assets.

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