Binance CEO Warns: Big Leak On This Crypto Platform!

Binance CEO Warns: Big Leak On This Crypto Platform!

An anonymous Twitter user claims to have obtained user API keys from the 3Commas knowledge base. The leak comes after 3Commas warned users of ‘phishing’ after widespread attacks. In the middle, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao warned users about betting.

API keys at 3Commas leaked?

An anonymous Twitter user claims to have seized around 100,000 API keys for users of the crypto trading service 3Commas. The leaker, whose identity remains unknown, released more than 10,000 such keys on Wednesday. It also said that it will “randomly release” the rest in the coming days.

The leak came after dozens of 3Commas users claimed their API keys were used to trade on exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase without their permission. 3Commas confirmed that as of October, users have lost at least $6 million to attackers. However, according to users who made a statement, this amount has at least doubled in recent weeks.


We do not provide any random details of the invalid Twitter account. Because if the leak is real, doing so will expose more sensitive private information. This is described as a misdemeanor by the articles on the protection of personal information.

3Commas initially said the losses were due to phishing attacks. But more than 50 users insisted that their credentials must have been leaked by an exchange like 3Commas, Binance or Coinbase. The leaked knowledge base, if true, is the clearest evidence that these users could be right about their identity being leaked.

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Warning for 3Commas leak from Binance CEO!

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance belonging to the leaker, also stepped in. CZ shared on Wednesday afternoon that he thinks there are widespread API key leaks from 3Commas. It also warned users on this bet saying, “If you have placed an API key on 3Commas (from any exchange), please deactivate it quickly”.

3Commas allows users to set up trading bots on crypto exchanges that automatically perform processes on their behalf. These exchanges generate API keys. Thus, users add these keys to 3Commas to allow the application to access their accounts. API keys bet on this week’s leak were generated on Binance and KuCoin, according to the leaker.

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