Avalanche (AVAX), Polkadot (DOT), and FIREPIN Token (FRPN) poised for a King sized rally soon

Avalanche (AVAX), Polkadot (DOT), and FIREPIN Token (FRPN) poised for a King sized rally soon

Avalanche (AVAX), Polkadot (DOT), and Firepin (FRPN) seem poised for a King sized rally that could very well generate huge returns if you add these three tokens at the right price levels. Let us explore how to take advantage of the upcoming rally in these three tokens and how you can also carry out risk diversification while generating giant profits. 

Avalanche could spike by 5% as whales buy huge quantities

The AVAX token is currently trading at the $72.98 level and could spike by 5% as the bulls manage to start a new rally. The Avalanche blockchain has seen a lot of adoption with many new projects being launched on the network. The AVAX price has witnessed a sharp rise as more users adopt the network. It is available at low and attractive prices as compared to other similar blockchains and plans to introduce more security and side chain solutions in the future. 

Polkadot price consolidates at $18.79

The DOT token which is used as the main utility coin of the Polkadot ecosystem has seen a strong consolidation at the price level of $18.79. Polkadot bulls have managed to prevent the price from falling below the $15 region and the DOT token could soon see a fresh rally towards the $19 level and beyond as more users start adopting the blockchain. Polkadot’s para chains have generated a lot of interest among developers as it allows side chain solutions without compromising on security. 

Firepin token could provide huge gains to early investors

The Firepin coin is presently being sold via a presale and can be bought here. You should not miss out on this opportunity as Firepin is an upcoming metaverse and NFT ecosystem which will be governed through a DAO based governance system. 

The FRPN token will be cross-chain compatible and will be transferable across major chains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. The token is scheduled for a listing on the popular decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap. It will also be listed on other exchanges in the future. 

A unique feature of the Firepin ecosystem is the ability to trade children’s versions of NFTs. These are smaller fractions of NFTs that can be traded easily on the Firepin ecosystem. 

FRPN token will issue rewards in the form of airdrops each time a transaction is made on the network. 2% of the transaction tax goes towards rewarding token holders. A timely investment in FRPN coin can deliver huge gains and the overall holdings can also multiply because of this passive airdrop mechanism that is built into the system. 

The metaverse gaming ecosystem will help users interact virtually utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), and video streaming. The NFT marketplace will allow users to trade game merchandise and other items helping them to monetize their activity. 

The project is community led and will also invest into firms that have a long-term vision on METAVERSE games. Given its utility, FRPN token can be a great bet to generate huge returns in the future. 

Users can also decide to stake and earn more rewards from the FRPN ecosystem. Yield farming can also be utilized to provide liquidity and earn rewards. 2% of the transaction tax is earmarked for liquidity pools. The liquidity pool fees will help to increase the treasury revenue, and lock in liquidity, and help to control supply.

The token is a fair launch project and CERTIK audit is in progress. It is available at very attractive prices and has huge upside potential. You can reap high returns by investing in the Firepin token. Along with Avalanche and Polkadot, it can provide a good and diversified cryptocurrency portfolio that can deliver huge profits in the future. What’s more, with the FRPN token inside your wallet, you get free airdrops each time a transaction is conducted on the network. Do not miss out on this opportunity and make huge gains. Find out more about the token and its ecosystem on the links given below. 

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