Attention: Binance Announced Dellist For These 13 Altcoins!

Attention: Binance Announced Dellist For These 13 Altcoins!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of daily transaction volume, has made a new delist announcement. The exchange is issuing five coins as borrowed assets from its cross-margin service. On the other hand, it is stated that it is in the delist process for some trading pairs. Here are the details…

Binance cross-margins five altcoins

Binance Margin has announced that it will delist CET, DEXE, HIGH, STPT, and WAN. The exchange will delist these coins as borrowed assets with the prestige of January 12, 2023, at 09.00 CEST. The subject of the word delist affects the following couples:


Binance will begin work on this delisting process on January 3rd. On January 3, 2023, at 09:00 CEST, the stock market will suspend cross margin borrowing on top pairs. On January 12, the exchange will close users’ positions. Afterwards, it will perform an automatic swap. It will cancel the pending orders in the parities in question. They will then remove these pairs from the cross margin list.

The exchange has given users a piece of advice to avoid any potential loss. It strongly recommends that users close their positions before margin trading expires. Portfolio margin users are advised to transfer the aforementioned tokens from their margin wallets to their spot wallets and replenish their margin balances if necessary.

Attention: Binance Announced Dellist For These 13 Altcoins!

Eight altcoin pairs delist on December 30

On the other hand, the exchange announced that it will delist eight altcoin pairs. The stock market will remove eight pairs from the spot market on December 30th, tomorrow. Delist will take place at 06:00 Turkish time. You can see the pairs in question below:


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Recent statements from Binance’s CEO

Meanwhile, Changpeng Zhao, the famous CEO of Binance, came to the fore when he warned of a project. CZ made a statement following the emergence of new speculations about an incident in October. He cited “widespread API key leaks” from trading bot platform 3Commas. He said he was “reasonably confident” on this point. A 3Commas spokesperson confirmed the leak.

Attention: Binance Announced Dellist For These 13 Altcoins!

An investigation conducted in October by 3Commas and the now-defunct FTX crypto exchange revealed that API keys were used to make unauthorized trades for DMG trading pairs. The 3Commas team was alerted to the incident on October 20, where platform-bound FTX API keys were used to perform unauthorized processes. 3Commas said that the API keys were not obtained from the company at the time and were likely obtained from a third-party phishing attack or hack.

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