Apparent Ukraine WORLD Airdrop Might Be Spoof

Apparent Ukraine WORLD Airdrop Might Be Spoof

Apparent Ukraine WORLD Airdrop Might Be Spoof

CORRECTION (March 3, 10:37 UTC): The ‘Peaceful World’ crypto token project appears to be spoofing Ukraine’s much-anticipated airdrop; an earlier version of this story said the airdrop had started.

An airdrop of Peaceful World (WORLD) tokens that appeared to come from Ukraine’s crypto addresses might have been spoofed, blockchain analysts said.

  • Ukraine confirmed the airdrop yesterday after raising more than $33 million in various cryptocurrencies from küresel donors. Over $7 million in donations were made hours after the airdrop announcement.
  • The airdrop to eligible recipients – those who donated cryptocurrencies to charities working toward the betterment of citizens affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – appeared to have started earlier Thursday, blockchain addresses showed.
  • The airdrop started shortly after CoinDesk reported Ukraine appeared to be seeding liquidity pools on Uniswap with WORLD tokens.
  • Blockchain explorer Etherscan has now tagged WORLD tokens as ‘misleading’ and that the tokens could be spam or phishing.

CORRECTION (March 3, 09:14 UTC): Corrects token to WORLD. A previous version had it as PEACE.

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