Altcoin Billionaire: I Will Get A Lot Of This Cryptocurrency!

Altcoin Billionaire: I Will Get A Lot Of This Cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin and altcoin bull Mark Cuban makes acquiring more Bitcoins his top priority in the new year. Moreover, he hopes to get the biggest cryptocurrency at a cheap price. In addition, experts give weight to the endless gold-Bitcoin debate within the scope of Cuban’s points. Here are the details…

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Mark Cuban continues to prefer Bitcoin and altcoin projects

This has been a disappointing year for many bulls, but not for Mark Cuban, who sees new possibilities in a bear market. The Shark Tank host has announced its plans to buy more Bitcoin (BTC) next year. He also mentioned his ascension stance again. He added that he wanted the price to drop further in order to buy the biggest cryptocurrency cheaper. “I want Bitcoin to drop a lot more so I can get some more,” he said.

Altcoin Billionaire: I Will Get A Lot Of This Cryptocurrency!

Speaking on Bill Maher’s podcast, the tech billionaire lauded crypto assets as the “game changer” of the investment space. He continued to criticize gold, saying that the investment in gold was “not worth it”. He stated that these days owning gold is about to have a fully digital process. He added that he would prefer to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptos to expand his portfolio. The billionaire referred to Bitcoin as a more faithful investment than gold. Moreover, he referred to how gold can be simply stolen. Cuban used the following terms:

Gold is a store of value and so is Bitcoin. Do you know what would happen if everything went wrong in a basket and you had a bar of gold? Someone would beat or kill you and take your gold nugget. Useless.

Altcoin Billionaire: I Will Get A Lot Of This Cryptocurrency!

Gold and Bitcoin debate never ends

Mark Cuban was once a major Bitcoin critic. Therefore, it has not always been on the side of Bitcoin. But Cuban, who also owns NBA group Dallas Maverick, says he now sees it as a reasonable investment. Maher argued that Bitcoin is not backed by anything, making it a risky investment. But Cuban countered by arguing that “having a stake in 90 percent of companies” is meaningless.

Bitcoin has been having a lousy time since its all-time high last year. BTC has lost more than 55 percent of its market value. It also deleted 75 percent of its cost. So it’s been a tumultuous year for the market head. BTC is currently trading at $16,862. Gold is trading at $1,800 an ounce – it had a better year 2022. Mark Cuban, Polygon, BTC, Ethereum, Dogecoin (DOGE) etc. He is a big investor in altcoins. Moreover, the Dallas Mavericks team has incorporated DOGE payments.

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