Altcoin Analysts: These 6 Coins Will Generate New Millionaires!

Altcoin Analysts: These 6 Coins Will Generate New Millionaires!

The entire cryptocurrency market is suffering from the negative consequences of the collapse of FTX, once one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. However, some altcoin analysts have identified coins to follow. They even claimed that they would create “new millionaires”. Here are six altcoins that analysts drew attention to…

The analyst drew attention primarily to the well-known altcoin Polygon

Analyst Camille Lemmens first shared Polygon as the coins that he expects to rise recently. “Polygon is one of the oldest,” the analyst said. They built their L2 chain on top of Ethereum. Polygon has established many new subsidiaries with large, global brands. In the middle of them are starbucks, LGND Music, Disney.


There are many more big brands associated with Polygon lately. For example Adidas or NFL with an NFT market. According to the analyst, Polygon group is pushing the end with zkEVM announcements at the technical level. Using ZK rollups, Polygon provides scalability without affecting the user experience.

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Second altcoin on the list: AZERO

AZERO is an L1 Blockchain with private smart contracts and instant solidity. Just two weeks ago, they managed to incorporate community validators into their mainnet. Their mainnet has received an upgrade. This is evidence of significant progress towards decentralization of the project. Although we are in a bear market according to the analyst, you can see that Aleph Zero has always been built.

Altcoin Analysts: These 6 Coins Will Generate New Millionaires!

One of the first parachains on Polkadot: ASTR

Lining was one of the first parachains in Polkadot. Primer is an L1 smart contract platform. They support various Blockchains and virtual machines. In other words, it connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos and all major layer 1 Blockchain. They are at the forefront of their efforts to migrate from EVM to WASM (WebAssembly). EVM allows smart contracts to work. WASM, on the other hand, relies on more languages ​​and also comes with a more comprehensive set of tools than EVM. On the other hand, the Astar group is very active. Its development includes regular technical updates, community efforts, and partnerships. For example:

  • They post regular updates on social media.
  • They introduced thin clients (RPC). They replace RPCs, the most central module of the blockchain ecosystem. Things like claiming stake rewards, bidding on NFTs, or chain voting – all go through an RPC.
  • The WASM integration was mentioned by Bloomberg.
Altcoin Analysts: These 6 Coins Will Generate New Millionaires!

Altcoin in the Cosmos ecosystem: KAVA

KAVA is an L1 Blockchain working together in the middle of Ethereum EVM and Cosmos. Just like DeFi is a well-known lending and borrowing platform. One of the reasons they continue to grow is their incentive program. Kava Rise is a $750 million developer grant. It encourages builders within their ecosystem. According to the analyst, their ecosystem is also quite impressive, as their website shows. They also released a major ecosystem update in October. All these combined features should have a positive impact on the KAVA price, according to the analyst.

Lossless has bullish prospects

“Lossless (LSS) is one of my favorite projects,” the analyst says. This is because they continue to build security features silently in the background. As such, Lossless is all about securing projects. In case they are attacked, Lossless can recover their tokens. His latest works continue to attract new customers, including bigger names like Aegis, Harmony and Elysium. They released the Aegis V1 on September 29. Some of its features are in the form below:

  • Detecting malicious addresses.
  • Send real-time strikes.
  • Prevent smart contract exploits.
  • Insurance, providing cyber security
Altcoin Analysts: These 6 Coins Will Generate New Millionaires!

BNB is among the altcoins that are expected to rise

Finally, analysts draw attention to BNB. According to the TradingView technical analysis presented by prominent crypto experts on TradingShot on Dec. 18, BNB, aka Binance Coin, may be one of the most adequate crypto investments at press time. According to this analysis, the strong pullback the token has shown since its November 27 high (before the 8th FTX crash low) seems to have come to an end as the one-day relative strength index (RSI) has dropped. The following words are included in the analysis:

In terms of price action, this is in line with the June low formation which resulted in a bottom that started the rise to the previous low high (now resistance). (…) In any case, when the 1-day RSI drops below $300 and then bounces back, it is a strong buy signal in the medium term. Symmetrical trendlines (…) formed reinforcement (green) and then resistance (red).

Altcoin Analysts: These 6 Coins Will Generate New Millionaires!

As a result, analysts believe that the time may come when BNB turns into a long-term buy, as “testing of the upcoming $320 resistance (November 27 High) will break the 1W MA50 again.” That’s in the middle, as Bloomberg’s Joanna Ossinger reported on Dec. triggered. At the same time, the RSI, moving average convergence divergence (MACD), moving average (MA) and Bollinger Bands are pointing to $242.50, down 2.71% from its current price on BNB.

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