According to The Americans, The Decline of Bitcoin Will Continue For a While

According to The Americans, The Decline of Bitcoin Will Continue For a While
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According to the Americans, the decline of Bitcoin will continue for a while. Following the recent slump that followed the sudden collapse of FTX, a survey shows that most Americans now believe that the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, may soon collapse.

According to a Morning Consult survey conducted from November 15-17 after the fall of FTX, American elders predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) will be leaving $11,500 in the next six months. Once that happens, it will mean that BTC fell $5,600 from the previous forecast in October and more than $15,500 from when it started tracking in January.

Despite the forecast, some crypto owners are confident that the cryptocurrency will rise slightly from its current value. Although those with high expectations were less than those who predicted financial failure.

In fact, some cryptocurrency users are still confident that the failure of FTX will not destroy crypto, noting that cryptocurrencies are still being used for years to come. Interestingly, the crypto market is always competitive and as such, the purchase of cryptocurrencies continues as many of the crypto owners see it as an investment. lasting. Therefore, they are less willing to turn these investments around as the movement moves forward with executive recognition.

Calls for cryptocurrency regulation continue to grow

In the case of the FTX disaster that destroyed the confidence of investors in the growing industry and reduced the chances of crypto becoming mainstream in the near future, the pressure for a better arrangement of opportunities goes to n face.

Crypto holders have asked the government to do a thorough investigation on other exchanges, so that there is no return like FTX. Similarly, almost all crypto owners need a cryptocurrency policy. The government should also ensure that the exchange has more than enough resources to deal with consumer withdrawals when needed. At the recent G20 summit held in Indonesia, leaders called for international legislation to regulate the recent crypto space to manage and control potential risks to financial stability.

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