2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

Analysts made price claims and analysis for Bitcoin and 5 altcoins in their year 2023.

Crypto market and Bitcoin predictions by analysts

The market is in a stalemate as the majority of major investors and analysts branch out by the new year. Liquidity and volatility were at absolute lows for many trading pairs. But even in dire market conditions, some hidden gems explode. Safety should always be the number one priority. Analysts included Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Avalanche and AAVE in their 2023 assumptions.


Analyst Michael van de Poppe is highly optimistic about the primary cryptocurrency. The strategist claims that even in the 2023 forecast, the cryptocurrency could rise rapidly and double its market capitalization. But he emphasized that in order to do this, Bitcoin must exceed $ 20,600. Momentarily, BTC is struggling to hold above $16,500. If Van de Poppe’s goal is achieved, the cryptocurrency is expected to trade at $38,500. According to the analyst, this could be the future goal of liquidity for Bitcoin in response to the strength of the bulls.

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Cryptocurrency Office analyst “Guy” has high expectations for the leading smart contract platform. In 2023, Ethereum holders will witness the arrival of the Shanghai upgrade, which will allow them to remove ETH from their staking contract and use it however they want. Guy believes this could be a viable catalyst for the cryptocurrency. The reason is that it could encourage other people to stake Ethereum, unlocking billions of dollars.

2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

However, the analyst has decided not to make a price cut for the altcoin. He said that while it is possible for flippening to happen and ETH to reach five digits, he believes the cryptocurrency will see a sideways process next year. In addition, Ethereum is currently trading at $ 1,200.


Closing the list of predictions is Ethereum’s only competitor to stay in the top 10 through 2022. Cardano is likely to grow in the stablecoins NFTs and DeFi divisions. Crypto enthusiasts believe this may be reflected in the capitalization of the smart contract platform.

2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

For Cardano’s price prediction, there is a tool from crypto exchange Changelly that helps to get an idea of ​​what might happen in the future. The analyst says that considering ADA’s performance in recent years and history repeats itself, 2023 may indeed be a good year for those who bought Cardano in the crisis. In Changelly’s analysis, the goal for the Ethereum killer is $0.45 next year. If things get even better, the bulls can extend Cardano’s capitalization until it reaches its peak price of $0.55. However, Cardano is momentarily trading at $0.25.


The altcoin has fallen sharply as it is a crypto backed by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). However, the entrepreneur’s companies have invested a large amount of money not only in Solana, but also in tokens in his ecosystem. But this did not affect Solana’s growth in the NFT segment. After Ethereum, Solana’s network continued to lead this market. It should be noted that, as is customary, Solana has a fast network and low prices. Also, although this is not unique to the altcoin, it is still something attractive.

2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

It is said that in 2023 Solana may not stick to these points alone. The reason is that this may not be a bullish factor for the token. The NFT market is looking for more maturity. For this reason, it is said that high levels may not be seen as in 2021. That being said, it may not be in Solana’s favor in a market where scalability alone doesn’t count for capitalization peaks. Solana has lost 11.4% in the last 24 hours, trading at $9.93.


Avalanche was also one of the cryptocurrencies negatively impacted by one of the 2022 crashes. AVAX dropped 30% when the Terraform Labs empire collapsed in May. In fact, this was a major concern for altcoin holders. By reaching the end of $32.50, the altcoin reached a level not seen since September 2021. The drop came as investors feared an AVAX sale that could be held by the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG). The foundation had bought over $70 million in Avalanche to keep crypto as one of the keepers of the old UST nail.

2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

However, this has not deterred the Avalanche group from making valuable affiliates and releases that could help its Ethereum rival stand out in 2023. A notable example of this is that, in addition to being compatible with Avalanche, it can be adapted to other EVM compatible blockchain ecosystems. The wallet even caught the attention of Coinbase, one of the leading exchanges in the crypto market. The Bitcoin and altcoin trading platform now offers its users a new option to convert money to cryptocurrency in the Core extension for use in DeFi, NFTs and transfers.


Over the past three days, AAVE has been steadily advancing towards the upper real despite the market impasse. The reason behind this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with major changes related to the project or any random news that would override it. The only thing that justifies the growth of the asset will be speculative interest in the token. Since November, AAVE has been moving in a sharply decreasing price range with the process volume gradually decreasing. The pattern we see on the asset’s daily chart clearly shows the potential for a reversal as the current trend is slowly decreasing.

2023 Forecasts For Bitcoin And These 5 Altcoins: Explosion Is Near!

A break of the first resistance level reflected in the 21-day moving average will set the AAVE for a breakthrough of the upper border of the range, which will then lead to a full trend reversal. This was a possibility back in November when AAVE hit the $96 price level. The TVL of the project remains high, with $3.75 billion in assets locked into various smart contracts on the network. TVL has multiple ($1.8 billion) lending contracts, while apportionment and pool2 correspond to a lower stake in the locked price in the network. However, in the last 24 hours, AAVE has lost 3.4% and is trading at $55.08.

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